Making Use of a Motorola Smart Card (Part 3)

(Disclaimer: As stated in previous posts, this blog is not intended to further piracy of paid TV and such. This is merely a personal blog outlining my recreational research.)

I seem to have finally stumbled across some potential information on the background of this smart card. A very old (dating back to 1997!) article from CNET showed that Motorola sent out a press release about their “new” M-Smart Combination Card, which combined a contact card with an RFID interface. However, the information track stops there. There is no picture of what their cards looked like, nor did they have a link to any sort of info from Motorola themselves (although I believe their smart card division was bought out a while ago.)

Might be a good time to email Motorola and see if they didn’t burn their old smart card documentation 🙂
EDIT: I asked my professor if he’d be alright with me taking a look at the chip under the microscope. He’s fine with it; hopefully I’ll have some pictures of the silicon die this week.


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