Quick Update: Jumping Back On the (Free)wagon

After trying out the WordPress Personal plan earlier this year, I was curious as to whether upgrading to a paid plan would result in improved earnings when using the WordAds revenue program.

It doesn’t. If you’re making money on the Free plan, stick to it.

Considering it’s 4:10 AM at the time of this blog post, I should be already in bed but I was up doing some repair work. I got an email saying my subscription for my blog was expiring and I instinctively paid for it, but realized it was for the WordPress Personal plan I was planning to ditch once it lapsed. Immediately after paying I cancelled the subscription, thus ending the plan earlier than I intended. At least the refund process was quick and easy.

WordPress Personal Plan Cancelled

Ever complete a purchase and immediately think “Wait, this isn’t what I intended to buy”? That was me just now.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Jumping Back On the (Free)wagon

  1. Honestly, you surprise me considering the content you have I never expected that you would have your WordPress site hosted by WordPress, honestly I have only used it like that once every other time I always have rented a VPS and deployed a webserver etc, usually using ISPConfig3 as this will provide good enough website deployment and config tools, FTP, e-mail server with imap/pop and webmail, DNS, SSH, WebDAV and some other niceties.
    In fact, with ISPConfig3 if you get the correct installer script you will even have it come with WordPress automated deployment features as well as some other stuff. Quite handy!


    • My blog started out as a hobby blog (and still is), and the lowest-difficulty and lowest-cost/free option in the beginning was hosting via WordPress.com. For many years, I didn’t even bother getting a personalized domain name. I’m still on WordPress hosting mostly out of inertia by this point, but thanks for the suggestion for an alternative!


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