Self-discharge test of Kentli PH5 1.5V Li-ion AA (Part 3)

Aw what, it’s October already? So much for having another blog post in September…
But anyway, “more months, more data!™”

The voltage of the PH5 has dropped down to 4.093 volts as of today (October 1st, 2015), and its State of Charge is now 93%. There’s just enough data to guess the discharge rate of the PH5: with the currently logged data, the PH5 self discharges at approximately 0.103%/day. At this rate, the cell should last years before finally reaching zero. Looks like this will be a very, very long term test…

(At least that would give me more time to procrastinate write blog posts.)


4 thoughts on “Self-discharge test of Kentli PH5 1.5V Li-ion AA (Part 3)

  1. The calendar loss is probably much higher than the self-discharge. However I can’t seem to find any solid data on calendar loss of LiPO cells. LiCoO2 cells should have around 20% loss per year if stored fully charged at room temperature


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  3. Thanks for the info … I was contemplating switching to Li-Ion AA batteries, but will stick with NiMH … the only advantage I see with Li-Ion is shelf life … Li-Ion seems better over long periods of time such as 6 months — a simple good quality trickle charger can easily overcome. I have a 16 battery Sunlabz charger and leave my NiMH’s on all the time. So far (12+ months) this does not seem to hurt the batteries. I think some people forget to check the mAh level which greatly affects usage. I have Sunlabz 10000 mAh D cells and they are awesome and last far longer than the old 2500 mAh batteries they replaced.


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