Mini-Ramble: Blog posting schedule is now running on Valve Time

Ergh, it’s been way too long since I’ve actually put out content on this blog. So many ideas and drafts, but none of them are even close to being publishable material. My apologies for dragging my heels for the past few months. :/

(FYI, the term “Valve Time” refers to a video game company whose release/development timelines are grossly understated, usually several times longer than the anticipated duration.)

Anyway, the Kentli PH5 analysis is still underway, as I’m doing low-load tests that can take over 24 hours to complete a single run (and many of them had glitches near the end, meaning that I had to throw out 72+ hours worth of data!), and I’m probably being too thorough with my analysis as I’ve yet to process efficiency and thermal effects at various load currents. I might just publish the analysis in two parts; the first being the overall capacity and output voltage at various loads; the second being all the efficiency/thermal effects data at different load levels.

I bought a Monster Digital OverDrive 128GB USB external “SSD” a couple months ago (spoiler alert: it’s just a flat USB thumbdrive that doesn’t perform like a ‘real’ SSD at all), and I still have barely started work on that blog post.

Same goes for the newer version of the Charging Essentials Tamper-Resistant USB wall outlet. The raw data is collected but the proper graphs haven’t even been done yet.

But before I get to the USB wall outlet, I still need to get a blog post done of this nifty little USB charger measurement tool I made using a TI fuel gauge chip.

The list goes on. I reeallllly gotta shift into high gear if I want to get any meaningful content out this year…